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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

Dalen Johnson wrote: View Post
Perhaps not, but for what Im talking about wanting to accomplish it does.
[I believe the paradigm is there, I just was not able to bring it out in what I wrote.]
Hi Dalen- I think you guys might be talking past each other. From what you wrote, I think I see where you are coming from-- we don't use our bodies to full capacity and it would be fun to find out just what it can do.

But the point here is, there are 2 roads or schools of thought or types of moving, and you have to decide which one you are wanting to go down. You can fight with internal strength or with normal mechanics, and they are 2 different things. You can walk with either, dance with either. But they are 2 different realms, like 2 different languages. Or shall we say one is like prose/fiction and one is like poetry. So which will it be? You could spend a lifetime in either one, and be getting better the whole time. So it isn't like one is a dead end.
Rather, if you spend a lifetime in prose you won't be much of a better poet, and vice versa. They have different rules, theories, and modalities for creating effect in the reader. But both do stuff and so both could be seen as worth studying.
But you have to personally make a choice, unless you have 2 lifetimes. BTW what if poetry gave you a longer lifetime than prose, wouldn't that factor in too?

I think this speaks to Mike C.'s question though I am just a rambling lurker. If you want to totally suck for a few years, you are a rare kind of martial artist, even though it is ultimately in line with what all MA claim to pursue-- perfecting the self continually. Instead of sucking for a few years and MAYBE becoming great if you work hard enough, how about not sucking (if you are already a decent 'external' MAist) at all now, and maybe never becoming as great as you could have been? In other words, not changing has its benefits, especially for the ego.
The choice seems obvoius on the forum. But in real life that is a serious decision, for the heart moreso than the head.
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