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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
I think it depends on your goals and the time you want to be "effective".

However, if you are looking at a longer term picture or maybe a different objective in your training, then maybe your investment would be best spent stopping trraining in MT and Grappling all together and devote several years to doing IT/IP training, then coming back to it?

For me, I am not willing to risk what I am gaining through BJJ to stop training this as a majority of my time. I believe in a integrative approach which involves cardio, drills, yoga, and some core training as well.
From martial arts I am hoping to gain an in-depth understanding of body mechanics, [what, why, when techniques work], as well as gain improved co-ordination, flexibility, etc., in the process.
[Basically getting to know and use my body more efficiently. You should see my Thai-boxing kicks... they are horrible! lol]

I suppose Im looking for a holistic approach which bridges the gap between the philosophy/ideas of non-competitive martial arts and the techniques of those which are competitive.

To me non-competitive martial arts are missing a key point due to their lack of experience with a more dynamic art where you can test your skill... same as the competitive arts are missing out by neglecting the inner aspects offered by these non-competitive martial arts.

If I ever teach this stuff for money one day, I would like to give a no B.S. course which is applicable in competition as well as out of it. - There is too much stuff out there with people trying to understand and put the pieces together, suppose I would like to take the edges off of it a bit.



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