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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...


Dan Harden is probably the guy to ask about this I'd say based on his post. I am hoping to one day meet up with him on this very subject.

My thoughts on this whole subject is that "It is realitive". That is...there is a Cost/Benefit ratio to everything and you must find the balance that is right for you.

I think it depends on your goals and the time you want to be "effective".

BJJ is my grappling background of course. Should I spend time doing BJJ or doing some arcane exercises if I want to get good at BJJ?

Well the answer is I need to spend time dong BJJ primarily, but I also believe that IT/IP training is of benefit, so I try and spend some time doing this as well. The struggle for me has been prioritizing and placing a "optimal weight or ratio" on the time spent doing these things.

However, if you are looking at a longer term picture or maybe a different objective in your training, then maybe your investment would be best spent stopping trraining in MT and Grappling all together and devote several years to doing IT/IP training, then coming back to it? Not sure personally.

For me, I am not willing to risk what I am gaining through BJJ to stop training this as a majority of my time. I believe in a integrative approach which involves cardio, drills, yoga, and some core training as well.

I do try and spend time each day and several hours a week doing IT/IP related type training as I can as I do believe it has helped me quite a bit.

Anyway, hopefully someone with more experience will come on here and talk about it.

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