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Re: Poll: If a 50 year old person came into your aikido dojo and said that they would

Well, as we don't have Shihan in among any of the wonderful non-Japanese senior teachers I have trained with over the years, I would firstly explain that I couldn't see the Yoshinkan bestowing that title in a hurry as there are quite a few ahead in the queue!

Actually, I would have to add to the cries that this is the wrong reason to train, as to train to a goal, usually means that people give up when they get there - mind you they wouldn't get there (so maybe they would give up when they realise?)!!!!!

It is that old story:

"Sensei, how long will it take me to get to Black Belt?"

"10 Years!"

"How about if I work twice as hard?"

"20 Years!"

"Sensei, I say I will work harder and you say it will take longer?"

"With one eye on the goal there can be only one eye on the path!"

Or something like that!

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