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Re: Feldenkrais, Nature and Martial Response

Bob Strahinjevich wrote: View Post
More seriously...I agree. I could ride a bike, jump and run perfectly well before I learnt about angular kinetics,,,and perfectly well after.
But if you want to learn to take the motorbike around the critical edge of the hairpin curve at speed, you had best have a grounding in the factors that may cause that exercise to fail at a critical juncture.

Aikido is practicing for just such a critical event, and knowing the signs of a slick road, cranky brakes, dodgy throttle, and the limits of our tire wear, just may be helpful to progessively narrow down our tolerances -- if we really have need to lay it over and gun it around. Flying and learning to fly, in which I have some experience, is very much the same, just as unforgiving of mistakes, and requires both detailed analytical observation and deeply intuitive feel. For the record, all the descriptions I have heard of Feldenkrais' approach qualifies it on both counts.

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