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Re: Leading your uke?

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This is why I get confused. Should I be staying ahead of it or following it?
By "it" I assume you mean uke's motion. Perhaps an analogy will help. Imagine a horse, a cart, a carrot, some string and a stick.Now in order to get the horse to move the cart I have to hang the carrot from the stick using the string and dangle it in front of the his nose. The horse, though, has a mind of his own and will often change direction with no warning. If he loses sight of the carrot he will stop.In order to keep the horse moving I have to make sure he can always see the carrot so I have to simultaneously stay slightly ahead of his motion (lead) while following where he goes.

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
And this is a good thing? Call me power hungry if you will, but I thought the whole point was to transfer power from him to me.
What I mean by the 'transference of power' is the idea that I can transfer power to uke in order to adversely affect his intention to attack such that I can execute a throw or otherwise immobilize him. I would rather that the reverse transference from him to me not take place for obvious reasons.


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