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Re: On Civility, Political Correctness, Honesty, and Frankness

Hi Mark,

Thanks again for your thoughts.
Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
I am not disagreeing with the notions of consciousness, consideration and sincere respect for others being taken into account. The problem that deal with on a daily basis (maybe that is because I have to deal with matrimonial attorneys every day) is that most couching of words is done to significantly distort the message which simply makes it difficult to have a straight-forward discussion or even argument for that matter. This leads to a back and forth encounter, filled with increasing degrees of venom.
In the above communication difficulty that you are seeing of a message becoming distorted, I don't think the problem lies in expressing oneself with civility and respect but with the intent to distort the message in the first place. That kind of behavior, I don't want to see here on AikiWeb, of course. Rather, let there be plain talk without semantic obfuscation; let there be honest discussion without suspicions of conspiracies and/or groupthink; and, let there be passionate sharing of opinions without targeting the individual behind the passions.

If one runs into such regrettable rhetoric, though, I ask them to stay level-headed and remain respectful so as to keep from fueling these kinds of unfortunate manners of communication here. The less venom in the discussion, the better.
Sometimes, a good reflection back of what somebody is putting forth and them calling them to task to be more forthright is very helpful. Some see that as retaliation. I see that as receiving back what you put out. Goes with the saying of "don't put in out there unless you are willing to handle it back on your end."
I disagree with your thoughts above, as I do not believe that giving back what one receives, when it comes to inconsiderate and disrespectful communication here on AikiWeb, is acceptable. That is not the kind of behavior that I wish to see.
I think that you know that I do have a lot of respect for what you have created here and I really do try to behave .
Yes, I do -- and for that, you have my appreciations. Thank you.


-- Jun

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