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Re: What exactly is an independent dojo?

Hi David,

After I saw your thread, I somehow reminded of my past experience when practicing Karate.

I was learning a certain stlye of Karate-do up to Black belt for atleast 7years. It all went ok until my sensei and several others was broke off from the main body. Thus, breaking off any link to the former school...Including the opportunity to participate in any competition and/or seminars. While have a great split upon the affected students to whether to stay or leave.

Reason given by my sensei is unfairness of attention and bias of opportunity to the "unnoticed" qualified student by the Shihan to the selected few. Then, plus and minus several other issues which resulted expulsion of the "disobedient" Senseis (including my Sensei)

Though my Sensei and others eventually decided to start their own Dojo and style and affiliated to another major Ryu (in order to have qualified students able to join competition like WUKO, AUKO and for other learning experiences) after reconsile attempts by the Soke failed and approval for affiliation.

But the point here is not to dicuss who was right who was wrong or what they are struggle for.

It is how this kind thing affect the low rank students.

Most of those affected are school students. With sudden announcement that the Sensei who are teaching you are purged, any student will just be confused. Felt betrayed and many other mixed feelings.

Give up your Sensei, and study with other Sensei of the original style that you had never trained with before?
Follow your Sensei and affiliate with other style instead?
Or just stop pracitcing it because the politics just kill your interest?

Regardless of which choice, the student will sure lose their training pals.

Then, if you decided to learn something else, this bad experince will make you think twice on finding which "problem free" dojo to learn Martial art (normally those popular and with many styles to pick from) again.
Furthermore, that it is fair and no bias.

And when those stopped students grow up, they,(now, as general public) will probably bear a negative mind on all martial art.

Just my sadden thought.

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