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Re: actual techniques used by police

Xu Wenfung wrote:

Dear Forumers,

Check the above link out. During routine enforcement duties by officer from the Internal Trade Ministry, an unarmed pirated VCD seller was shot by the officers when the suspect put up a struggle to resist arrest. N.B. The officers are not even police personnel proper.

What is worse, is that the bullet has penetrated the body of the suspect and hit a nearby innocent bystander. Both victims are in critical condition and fighting for their lives. In defence of his action, the 48 year old officer claim that his team are attacked by baseball bats by the suspects and his horde...
Access to the link was denied.

Multiple attackers, with even just one wielding a baseball bat, would be regarded as lethal force. I gather the subject who was shot had a baseball bat - hence he definitely was armed. Lethal force is always countered with lethal force. Period. Cops don't get paid to be sacrificial lambs.

Xu Wenfung wrote:
...In aikido, most if not all of the techniques can be applied quite effectively against a non-edged weapon. Just a hypothetical question, should the enforcement officers are taught basic arrest and restrainst technique, such blunder may be averted. What do you all think?

IMO, the trigger happy attitude of the enforcement plus the availability of lethal force makes a sickening combination.

It's your opinion, based upon a media account that this was a "blunder". I don't know where this incident occurred (the link doesn't work) but I take exception with your characterization of law enforcement officers as being trigger happy.
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