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Re: actual techniques used by police

I work for a guy who was a cop in San Francisco for a few years and when I told him I was taking Aikido he told me it was good training.
The only Aiki related story he had, however, was taking a man into custody in a bar. The suspect was a big guy and told everyone he wasn't leaving until he finished his drink. Even though the suspect was seated on a barstool facing the bar, no cop knew what to do.
My boss walked over to his left side, slipped his right hand and forearm between the suspects left arm and left side and grabbed his hand, twisting it down but also lifting up. So when he stood up, the suspect's elbow was cradled by his elbow. As my boss walked out the front door, with the suspect on his right, the joint lock was hidden between them.

That's my 2 cents worth.

I've seen sankyo used on "Cops" the teevee show many times but not often enough. I can't watch anymore without shouting at the screen . . . "Nikkyo, you idiots . . . . get his shoulder on the ground first!!! . . . . crap, he's got a hold of your lapel, just grab his hand and step back/behind him and he'll fall forward!!!!"

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