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Re: Poll: Is inducing physical pain in others necessary in getting better at aikido?

You need to experience pain to move ahead. Experiencing pain (e.g. from a nikyo, etc) offers you a different perspective of what Aikido can do. Pain doesn't necessarily equate with injury. Be even though you'll have to accept that practicing Aikido you will get injuried on a small scale (e.g. small bruises from ukemi falls necessitating improving your ukemis, or getting bruised in a fashioned that so that the Nage can learn - e.g Iriminage)....when you apply a technique, the goal is for it to work and that requires work, some pain and an occassional small injury in the process.

How many of you have actually not experienced any injuries from receiving/performing a technique? I know that getting some pain is a given, but injuries? I'm talking minor injuries such as bruises. Even on the wrist doing countless kotegaeshis will get your wrist sore.
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