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Re: actual techniques used by police

Michael Hackett wrote:
You'll get a lot of defensive tactics instruction in the Louisiana State Police Academy and that will be beneficial to you. Your study of aikido will serve you well, but will take time to learn and become competent. Relax and enjoy your study. You'll get in fights as a cop - if you use your head you'll be in fewer. Your biggest danger is the 4000 pound car you'll be driving. More of us have gotten killed and crippled in collisions than combat.
unfortunately true, so many officers seem to be hurt by being run into.

One of my most dedicated students is a police officer who continues to suffer back problems because he was rear ended about 7 years ago by some drunk teenagers in a horrific crash.

as to the shooting incident posted, I don't see it productive to comment before an investigation is done. I will say I find xuzen's signature line "Ki? Ki are for Sissies" a bit ironic considering Ki training is in my experience and others one of the things police officers find most immediately applicable to their work.

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