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Charles Bergman
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Re: Poll: Is inducing physical pain in others necessary in getting better at aikido?

[quote=Michael Stuempel]I would say its inevitable.

However, that being said, I don't think that you can get to that point with any technique without first going through the "me give pain" stage. For one thing, until you know where the threshold of pain starts during a technique, you can't avoid it.

I voted "yes" following the same logic in my response to the poll question last week.

No one walks into the dojo their first week (or month, or even year for that matter) and performs every techinque perfectly. Doing the technique wrong usually results in pain. This applies both to doing and receiving the technique. It also applies to learning how to roll, etc.

Therefore, while you are learning, and getting better, you are going to both receive and inflict pain for a while, even though inflicting pain isn't the objective.

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