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Re: Poll: Is inducing physical pain in others necessary in getting better at aikido?

I would say its inevitable.

I think everyone agrees that there are better ways to do techniques than to use pain. The best techniques are ones where uke feels nothing until they splat on the mat.

However, that being said, I don't think that you can get to that point with any technique without first going through the "me give pain" stage. For one thing, until you know where the threshold of pain starts during a technique, you can't avoid it.

This is, I feel, especially true in people who have been training for maybe a year or two, they probably haven't developed the feedback sense to know how much pressure and/or pain they are inflicting. This is the reason 3rd/4th kyu's are so difficult to train with. They've got the strength and some technique, but usually not the sense of uke that's needed to judge how strong they are applying the technique.

With apologies to the 3rd/4th kyu's out there who this doesn't apply too...


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