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Cool Re: May 29th at Florida Aikikai


A seminar is when aikido practitioners get together to train with an instructor that the host dojo brings in from out of town. So it is more of like a regular training session than a lecture; however, you'll be training for four hours with a lunch break inbetween. Regarding the instructors, you won't be lectured a lot although instruction is given and they're good about approaching people on the mat and helping them out. In this case the instructors will be Peter Bernath, 6th dan; Wee-Wow Dumlow, 4th dan; and Richard Wagner, 5th dan. These are the head instructors from Florida Aikikai, Gold Coast Aikikai and Palm Beach Aikikai, respectively.

Even though you just started, you're more than welcome to attend as people from these dojos are sensitive to beginners and will go at your pace. Just tell them your new and feel free to tell people if you don't want to breakfall. Also, nobody looks down on you if you sit out a class or two or sit out a technique.

You will need to bring your own gi and bring an extra one to change into for the afternoon class. I suggest bringing your own water bottle, but we also provide Gatorade to drink for breaks inbetween classes.

Class times will be 10:30-12:30, then we take lunch and return at 2:30 and go to 4:30. We will have a dojo get-together afterwards at 5:00. I recommend you arrive about 30 minutes early as the parking lot gets full during seminars.

I hope that helps.

P.S. Do you train with Josh Drachman in Boca? I know he's ASU now, and he used to train and teach for Peter. He has since started his own school, but I've always enjoyed his classes.

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