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Randall Lim
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Re: Quality Training

Keith Burnikell wrote: View Post
forgetting dojo politics for a mentioned feeling 'outclassed' by your 5th kyu peers at the Northern dojo. Is this just your perception or are the students demonstrably better up North? Let's cut to the chase - In your mind, do you think Northern dojo produces more skilled Aikidoka than the South?

If so, then training at the South would seemingly be a good place to do the basics while the North offers the lure of a regular two hour intensive.
But, you've realized that you can't train up North regularly so you're having to 'settle' for South training from a practical standpoint and get back up North whenever possible

North - Exciting/Rigorous
South - Convenient/Steady

My attempt at a humorous analogy:
South = Steady Sue
North = Lovely Lucy

Obviously the lure of Lucy was there all along; why else did you go to the North dojo in the first place?!!!!!

One thing that's almost always true: Sue IS gonna find out. Sue's also going to be pretty darned mad. You'll probably end up with no Sue and see very little of Lucy. Work out whether you can be happy with Sue before getting too infatuated with Lucy. I don't think Sue's going to let you be with her and have Lucy too.

In addition, the disciples at Dojo Sue are going to be miffed too. For those that could attend either dojo (and there are some), your wanting to train up North implies they've committed themselves to plain ole Sue. Even worse for you if they've been disparaging about Lucy (which they have).

Staying with Sue might be easier in the long run. Sure, Sue's not nearly as sexy as Lucy. Things'll progress a lot slower with Sue. You're, for sure, going to hear all about the fun you're missing with Lucy and probably have some regrets. Messing around with Lucy has a lot of risks. You might even learn to appreciate life with Sue if boredom doesn't get to you first. The danger for you is that now you've seen Lucy in all her glory you're going to become critical of Sue and eventually be very dissatisfied.

Jeremy, life is really short!
If you were to get married, would you marry Steady Sue or take the risk with Lucy?
Interesting analogy!! Just like: BIG FISH in small pond, or small fish in BIG OCEAN..... The hardest decision to make. But is a decision really needed??
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