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Re: Article by Mike Sigman

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Hehe, that's usually what I call ki diarrhea , in other words at 0.30 he's letting the power spill out of his backside, but at 0.35 his hips and shoulders are in line Unless I've missed something, there's no sound so I might be interpreting the vid wrong, kinda have to be there really.

It's really really common to see that happen in aikido when doing tenkan ikkyo, people tend to try to lead uke around with their arse
Hmmmm..... not to take either side, but I don't see Akuzawa doing anything with that bend at .30 other than make the point that he's getting below Uke's force before he uses the ground path to go up Uke's arms. Since he only does it that one time, it's obviously just explicative and not something he commonly does. There's a couple of other things I might nitpick myself, but not when someone is simply trying to discuss and show the various factors that go into an action.


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