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Re: Strategy and Aikido

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
At this point I am lacking words to quantify or objectify what I think is going on.
Hi Kevin,
I hear you on that! I have such a vague sense of what is going on most of the time that I'm pretty unconfident whenever I really try to articulate my take on things. I can usually feel the difference, so my training is usually one of gaining "body-feel," but when it comes to descriptions...I'm left wanting.
thanks for the descriptions! They're definately more in depth than I can muster right now. Good food for thought! At times I have a hard time utilizing the triangle circle square concepts because they take a certain degree of imagination that can be very difficult to make useful. Abstractions like those are particularly difficult for westerners perhaps too. Still, I find they do create an interesting contrast. I liken them to being top-down in approach to learning, where the more scientific approach Kevin was describing is bottom-up. I try to use both with the idea of approaching understanding from both ends, but I have to admit one seems to take a lot more mental energy.
Anyhoo...I'm tired and tomorrow I get to go jump in glacier run-off half naked so: pleasant dreams everyone (daydreams for those of you in the middle of your day)!
Take care,

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