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Re: Shiko Training

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
... I think that doing cross-body work correctly leads to spiralling happening inside the body.
I did a good bit of shiko with Ark in Atlanta but I don't recall any mention of spiralling related to it. He did talk about spiralling power up from the rear foot to the hip and transferring that to the rear hand on the bo, but he was not clear about how this spiralling was produced, that I could hear or understand, as tired as I was.

How would shiko develop spiralling power, and how do you get spiralling power from the rear foot to the hip, in the bo-pushing walking exercise, against a resisting partner, transfering the power to the rear hand and into the bo.

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
... To that end, especially something like spiraling, I think is enough of a "basic" thing you have to have going on inside you - that it absolutely should be discussed.
I'd like to see an explicit discussion of that topic. Where does the power come from? How does it spiral?

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
... for a discussion board it might just be the best thing you got ...So in the spirit of practing what I preach, when I use the term cross-body-work ...I'm training to connect the inside of my body is such a way that my legs, waist and back work to together to use existing forces of gravity and ground most efficiently. My intent and my middle work together to coordinate these things. Exercises should work to better connect your insides and link the control centers to pass gravity/ground through them. Seems like sound logical stuff.
Completely. But where does the spiralling come into or out of that?



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