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Since spending a very long afternoon with Akuzawa Sensei a month ago, I have been puzzling through what he taught me of shikko.

Coming on the heels of a weekend with Mike S. I found all kinds of ways to use this exercise.

When I have a "cross-body" connection between the uplifted arm and the opposite leg, I can drop my center downward on to the lifted foot. When it makes contact, the resulting force "bouncing" up through my body shows me where I am breaking from vertical or where I have too much slack. Any lateral wiggle means I am not quite doing the right thing, but when I feel my raised arm both direct and be moved by the bounce, I know I have a more clear path through the leg center, arm and hence the rest of me.

Dan, I remember you showing me your version of this years ago, and I am a bit fuzzy on how it differs from the way Akuzawa taught me. I attribute this to my lack of understanding of either. I use it as a tool for my current level of understanding.

I don't yet grasp where spiralling has to come into play. It seems to me that by it's nature, doing cross-body work naturally leads to spirals. Until shown otherwise, I think that is far too complex to talk about and really would have to be shown to learn or to mean anything to anyone.

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