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Re: Keiko Fukuda Sensei.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Hi Joe, thanks for that. Seems a bit quieter on here since I was last here. Mmmmm, maybe I should liven things up.
Nice of Janet to post details too.

If the forum was any quieter than it is I might think the world had ended like the Mayans predicted recently.The forum is turning into a pilot for a TV series called Dr.Sivana/Lex Luthor takes up Aikido'Between the dialogues about spirals/cyclones/ballet dancers /sun energy etc my brain is turning /has turned to mush.Perhaps I am spiralling out of control?Come back , Graham, all is forgiven.Cheers, Joe.
Ps Henry , if you read this can you throw a drowning man a lifebelt or even some red ribbons???
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