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Brian Beach
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Re: Just how real is violence? And where does Aikido stands in all of this?

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What is aggressive about walking outside anywhere at midnight? It may be an unfortunately unfortunate choice or condition, but it isn't aggressive. Getting drunk, losing awareness and talking to an attached woman is not an aggressive act, even if it is three kinds of dumb. Why should looking at another human be met with a fist? It isn't like our IP is good enough to hit someone with a glance.

Those actions may be cause for a conversation, not a conflict. I think that humans are complex animals, we have a huge capacity for violence and a brain that cannot always figure out when the violence is appropriate.
You're strawmanning it. Walking down the street I agree but drunkenly chatting up someone's girlfriend and staring at someone are aggressive acts. I agree that conversation should proceed but some people lack the communication skills.

What I was reacting to was the expectation of bodily safety regardless of your actions. There is a civil expectation of boundaries. If you willing venture outside those boundaries it is an aggressive act. If you get drunk (your choice) and chat up someones girlfriend (your choice) and they or the girlfriend get angry about it, you created the situation not them. How they react is on them but you can't expect them to act civilly when you are acting stupid and aggressive.

You can hug a stranger, it can be an act of love, but it's still an aggressive act of love. They can react in a myriad of ways but you still created the situation.
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