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Re: Very Disturbing news about Clint George

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I am sorry that you are so distrusting of your world. I believe that it is important to be vigilant as parents, but teach children how to use good judgment, rather than to be distrustful of the world at large. I agree with you that incidents between adults and incidents between adults and children are different. Both are abuses of a certain type of a relationship. Both are wrong. One is certainly worse than the other.

Marc Abrams
I am not distrust of my world, I am vigilant. I think that is the better term. I don't cross the street without looking in both directions, for example. I don't let my children run around the neighborhood and play like I did at their age. If I did I might ever see them again. My parents could hire a teenager out of the newspaper to find a baby-sitter for us, and where able to trust that babysitter. I can't do that with my kids. As my father liked to say, "Andy, we don't live in Mayberry." Because we live in a different world, I have no choice not to trust anyone with my kids, because look what happens when you do. It only takes one person to violate, to abuse, to ruin your child.

I am a father and my number one priority is to protect my kids, to insure their welfare and safety until they are adults. If I don't do that then I have failed as a parent.

BTW, I am also an Aikidoka and part of that is not just about being civil, and merciful, (or warm and fuzzy), it is also about being on guard, being vigilant. And it is my understanding of Japanese Budo and Japanese history the act of trust isn’t something you should give out.

I teach my children that they are precious and valuable. I don't want them to be victims. I do teach my children to be distrustful of strangers, of all adults, and for good reason. Children are easily manipulated, persuaded, controlled, and overpowered by adults. I teach them to be vigilant, and cautious. I teach them to look both ways before crossing the street, and use caution. When asked why, I say I don't trust anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle. There in no guarantee someone will not run a red light and hit you. Better be safe than sorry.

I am sure my children will be well adjusted adults, not having any issues choosing an equally well adjusted friends, colleagues and spouses. I am sure they will not have problems with trusting people. Because they will be able to identify and avoid those who intend to take advantage of them or harm them. I am sure as parents they will not trust anyone with their kids.

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