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Re: Very Disturbing news about Clint George

Giancarlo DiPierro wrote: View Post
I wonder if the reaction be the same, though, if she had been 16? Would it even have come to the attention of this forum were not for the fact that he broke the law? Or is there such a clear and significant difference in development between 13 and 16 (which could be closer to a 2 year difference than 3, depending on where the person's birthday falls) that that would have been acceptable?
Yes the difference in development is so mindboggling big that even as an adult it is hard to understand. The early teens are the period where personality changes from being a child (with the implied dependency on the parents) to starting to be an independant individual. This the time where the child has to learn to understand adult signals. The reason teachers tell 13 and 14 year old pupils that they are angry is because the 13-14 year olds cannot tell this from the "normal" signs yet. The same holds for even more complex behaviour like forming relations. The 13 year old does not know the complex sign system, has no reference to what is normal and not and is at the same time trying to find its own rules and security in this unsecure time.
At that age 2 years can be such a huge difference...and anyone dealing with that age group should at least know this.
Giancarlo DiPierro wrote: View Post
If you think 16 is equally deplorable, although legal, then where do you draw the line? 18? 21? 30? It seems to me that if you frame the issue in black-and-white terms then you have to pick an arbitrary point where you go from one to the other.
Problem is that the law requires an absolute line where as reality cannt give that.

I hope my incoherent ideas are coherent enough to understand

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