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Re: inferiority complex in aikido

I know this may sound perverse, but occassionally I browse youtube looking at cctv footage of street fights/night club brawls just to give me a real life impression of the kind of danger I may face in a real street fight. The majority of the time the people swing wild haymakers looking to knock out the other person; sometimes they brawl and go to the ground, which usually ends up with the one on top pummelling the other in a sort of ground and pound assault. Never have I watched any video and thought my AJJ training has not prepared me for that. We regularly practise applied techniques for such self-defence situations. The challenge is not whether the techniques of the art are effective but intensity and aggression. It is very hard to simulate real aggression in the dojo. My instructors may say strike as hard as you can, to which we do only for them to give us a dead arm from their soggy blocks. But power is different to aggression. It's intensity not technique.

The irony of the whole MMA thing is that pro fighters wouldn't even be out at bars or clubs while training for a fight because they need to ensure that their bodies are in peak condition for fight night. Their lives are so regimented and strict - they aren't out in the early hours because they need to rest properly. Besides no fighter would risk injury or jeapordising their careers for a street fight. You don't need to do MMA to learn how to effectively defend yourselves.
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