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Re: inferiority complex in aikido

aside from the nebulous "philosophy," the physics of unarmed combat/protection are universal, although we have vary array of different names given to focus/specialization...that is either strikes (by contact or with projectiles (bullets) or by extensions (knife, bats, sticks, etc.) or seizes (grapple, take down, throw, etc).

more striking arts/sports: boxing, muay Thai, karate, some kung fu
more seizing arts/sports: wrestling, jiu-jitsu, judo, aikido, jujutsu, some kung fu(?)
more blending arts/sports: hapkido, kajukenbo, MMA, some kungfu

arts work on theory of movement, building effective "structure" or habits, while sports give venue to application and its feedback with prizes.

practicing "arts" with more than three years of continual training in hapkido then in karate has led me to believe that it's possible to blend in good waza from any art, from a sensei/instructor with depth of experience and with an open mind.

the few months of aikido exposure leads me to think that aikido physics are effective (obviously!), but takes more patience and faith to ingrain its habits than does kickboxing..which is complicated by the fact that there maybe many fee paying students who do not appreciate hard training with partners offering appropriate resistance or forceful attacks... perhaps it's this lack of competitive "heat" makes some aikidoka feel wary?

in sporting karate/TKD tournaments and in competitive sparring I have felt the reassuring effectiveness of a fast lead leg heel side kick that stops the other's full speed attack or have felt the crushing pain of a shin round kick to above my knee that took me down. Without these "friendly yet heated debates to sort things out I can see how some aikidoka may not have full confidence on their waza vs. an unpredictable and forceful contact.


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