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Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
It is clear that you and I don't travel the same road......and even if we were we are not even close to being in the same point along the way. It is your "call" that I am presuming to give others advice and that I have called anyone "stupid".....and I don't care to be helpful in the context that you are putting it in. You are right that suggestion from me were not don't take them. I would give you the same suggestion, visit Dan and see what is what.

You presume to know me through a few short posts here, maybe from a short PM exchange some time back or by placing your overlay/template on to me. You don't know me, don't presume to. I will say that I have had the opportunity to view a lot of video, then grab wrists with the same I do have some level of understanding of what is going on in any video i have the chance to view. I also consider that I have some understanding of what is hard, what is soft and what is effective soft, but don't take my word for it as this may only be a presumption on my part.

I think I am done with posting here, so presuming, suggestions and advice won't be an issue for me going forward.... Have a great day.....
Gary. I presume nothing about you. Why do you think I do? By what you say now and in the past I can see you have knowledge and experience and a level of understanding of those things you talk about.

How many times in my life have I presumed or assumed something and offered help only to get egg on my face? Many.

I merely point out a fact and the consequences of such that we don't usually look at.

Did you know rather than presume or assume you could merely ask?

If I presume another needs to do something I am assuming I know best. Simple really.

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