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Re: Spiritual Power

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
"Correct feeling" as I am using it isn't talking about a feeling like jealousy or anger. Think of "correct feeling" as a term with no judgment that indicates to yourself if you are centered and connected with you partner.
Mary, I was responding directly to another poster, refuting his position on the topic of correct and incorrect feeling.

In terms of your use of the term, may I suggest that part of why it is becoming the object of some arguing is semantics? What I mean is, I suspect you are using "correct feeling" as a shorthand that in fact involves more than the words convey.
That there is an actual feedback loop that tells you "you are centered and connected with you partner" and that this manifests very concretely in the fact that you and your partner then form a unit and your movement affects your partner, etc....

When you shorthand it to "correct feeling" it conveys something that is inherently individual, ideosyncratic and unteachable, when in fact being centered and connected to another person of course is teachable.

My two cents

Janet Rosen
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