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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Dan, thanks for your continued responses.

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It is and it isn't. Kokyu is but one element. It can bring power to a degree if done correctly but will never attain even what Ueshiba was doing.

I've asked you about your view on kokyu-ryoku before and thought it might be worth re-posting here:
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Hello Dan

I got the impression that kokyu-ryoku didn't just refer to "breath power". One translation I saw was "abdominal breath power". In any case, do you think "kokyu" (not just breath) could be seen as IP while "connection" and the associated application of kokyu could be called "Aiki"?

1. Abdominal breath power
Is the pressurized breath that I referred to.
2. Connection as kokyu
Connection has to be trained-in you- prior to it having any appreciable effect on anyone outside of you.

3. To answer your other question
Breath training is part of Internal strength. Connection is part of Aiki
The qualities that you are training to connect tissue crosses over in everything. It gets much more sophisticated. In any event, there is a reason that aiki takes place in you first.
One other thing...

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hence the three degrees of sen.
Is this referring to go no sen, sen no sen and sensen no sen? I mentioned this earlier as one of many possible concepts of awase. This isn't the concept of awase I think was meant in the OP. It certainly isn't Osensei's.

O Sensei: In Aikido, there is absolutely no attack. To attack means that the spirit has already lost. We adhere to the principle of absolute nonresistance, that is to say, we do not oppose the attacker. Thus, there is no opponent in Aikido. The victory in Aikido is masakatsu and agatsu; since you win over everything in accordance with the mission of heaven, you possess absolute strength.

B: Does that mean o no sen? (a.k.a.: go no sen)

O Sensei: Absolutely not. It is not a question of either sensen no sen or sen no sen. If I were to try to verbalize it I would say that you control your opponent without trying to control him. That is, the state of continuous victory. There isn't any question of winning over or losing to an opponent. In this sense, there is no opponent in Aikido. Even if you have an opponent, he becomes a part of you, a partner you control only.
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