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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
You mean if you look back on the material in the context of developing internal strength?

If a teacher were to explain his methods for developing internal strength to his students, but did not present these methods within the context of developing internal strength, is it really fair to say he "outlined his method quite clearly?"

That's part of the HIPS narrative as it has evolved on these forums that I have not really been able to swallow. We seem to take as given that:

- Osensei had found methods for generating internal power
- He was fully aware that they were methods for generating internal power
- He earnestly attempted to transmit them to his students
- His students were completely ignorant of the preceding three items
You can have weekly access to someone with IS and still not pick it up for a variety of reasons, from dense students, not putting in the solo time, or a poor teaching model. They might pick up some aspects, but not the whole deal (developing "muscle jin"?). There's also the whole hidden in plain sight thing too. I'm sure others can chime on this since you fundamentally have to rework how you move which requires you to work on this all the time rather than just in the dojo.

I just cannot see how these add up. Even if all the Tokyo students were totally incompetent, and actually didn't think much of the man, I would expect to see quite a bit of empty, devitalized internal power drills in Aikido, more than just rowing and shaking your fists. Because they would all be like "The old man wanted us to do this, so we'll do it."
Not all exercises have to be "strange" looking to be "IS" development exercises though clearly some that don't appear to be immediately applicable to waza are... Some of the exercises are pretty clear that they should be preformed an open and close motion rather than just the arms. Others you want to do by bending from the hip not the waist. Others, aren't warming up the shoulders, but you want to do by maintaining a range of motion by not disconnecting the shoulder. Others you want to commit your weight down and not forwards. Others you want to stay under yourself throughout the range of motion. (Clearly you want to combine all the above in general) Some of the self slaps (where you slap yourself all over the upper and lower body) look like fascia/suit warmups. Akuzawa Sensei shows in his seminars how you do breakfalls/rolls etc while maintaining connection too. You have to know what to look for....

I'm not suggesting that you look to this video for proper movement, but I think more than a few people here could probably figure out how you are supposed to by doing these warmup movements as well as some of the basic warmup stretches and range of motion movements.

I'm not going to point out how one should be doing various warmups as its silly without the requisite experience.

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