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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Chris Western wrote: View Post
Hey Carl,

This quote from your last post seems to describe the solo body training that these IP/Aiki guys are talking about...So when Osensei described his training as "A forging (tanren) of one's own mind (kokoro), the body and the ki that connects them, bringing all three simultaneously into harmony with the workings of the universe and all things" Sounds like standing on the floating bridge. :0) That would be the principal of aiki...!!!

Take Care,

Thanks Chris

I think Takemusu Aiki is the intended result of training with the founder's principles, including awase/musubi. To an extent, at this stage I think TA has similarities with other kokyu-tanren methods at least, in that first you're building a body. That's where my interest comes from regarding the IP/Aiki situation.


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