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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Ahh, Grasshopper!

I never thought I would hear you talk about the path of non-resistance. Very good.

Indeed electricity and all energies follow the paths of non-resistance and that includes spiritual energy too. They follow if only we would allow them to.

Resistance blocks these paths wouldn't you say?

Graham, the whole point of "aikido" (or even jutsu?) is to use the least point of resistance.... That can only be achieved by your partners (in your discipline) resisting you while you find the least point of resistance..... That includes atemi don't you think? Hence the reason we use the unsoku method in T/S aikido. I found this quite easy to take to after my boxing training in the R.N. All fighting or martial arts have fundamental stances and movement no matter what part of the globe it comes from. Aikido as a grappling art is no different to judo in my opinion...
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