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Re: Internal Power (AIKI?)-- Players and Haters

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
They are found in the aiki taiso, but the distinction is in how you have actually trained your body to do and express it . . and it has to be felt.
And it can be -- if you hear to what the body is TELLING you in doing the aiki-taiso. The current push is exploring the taut frame. But the loose frame is EXACTLY the same as the taut frame -- Too many people are just trying Do This or Do That in doing the aiki taiso instead of just letting the loose frame speak for itself.

Because the loose frame correctly tightens at every reversal. which is, admittedly, what most people are missing.

I don't fault those exploring the taut frame. But, the loose frame is the same as the tight frame -- the difference is the same as between the hanging chain and the arch -- the chain, loose and instantly adaptive; the arch must be adaptive the same way, but "breaks" or buckles in useful ways that are virtually impossible to anticipate or recover from. In that way the taut arch becomes loose at its reversal, as the loose chain becomes tight in its reversal.

In the adaptive frame, both are always present -- the taut spiral arches and the loose spiral chains are just inverse and at right angles -- just as the compression and tension are in right-angled torsion spirals.


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