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Re: Internal Power (AIKI?)-- Players and Haters

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Aiki is maintaining self in a central equilibrium of infinite opposing spirals with no dedicated movements.
Physically, called torque moment, creating poised rotational potentials, with innate right-angle stress conversion, juuji -- i.e. -- "not being seen." By which I mean that reaction to inputs is on the opposite perpendicular -- not on the line of input, the response to a push on one line (increased compression) is an accommodating stretch ( increased tension) along the crossing line, and vice versa... because they are coupled.{{torque shear stress in a cylinder}}

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I am motion in stillness and stillness in motion.
Moment= potential; rotation = realized potential.

This is a typical trace of the most simplistic movement resulting from the release of those torque stress potentials (in this case pretty typical of udefuri){{Lissajous curve -- two equal inputs interacting at 90 deg.}}

There are two ways to go at this. -- One is to start with moments and static torque expression (stillness) and work toward movement driven by those moments -- the other is to start with rotations (motion) -- purely pendular action -- and work toward the stillness of poised control. -- Each has its pitfalls; best worked in tandem. Both are found in the aiki taiso. They are the ultimately the same, mechanically, mathematically -- the only distinctions lie in your mind.


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