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Re: Master/slave relationship and Instructor with ego

My young anonymous padawan...such is a classic that does not die this questions does?

Its either age or stupidity that is the cause of your issue. I am betting it is puberty resulting from stupidity. Not the kind of stupidity that makes you dumb, just the stuff that results from lack of experience and an itchy ego. Maybe it isn't the best time to learn Aikido.

Here look at this. There is no doubt that any leadership position can and does often lead to corruption and abuse by the leader. No doubt such a thing is really true when there is a high level of power and responsibility involved. BUT.....often what is over-looked big time is the power of the group over their leader.

Aikido really is effected by that kind of stuff because Aikido is an cooperative instructional thing. People take it to enrich their lives and stuff. In that case that means there is a contract of sorts between the students and the instructor. In this case the individual has less power then the group unless it is in agreement with the unison of group. If the instructor imposes his or her will upon the class and it is rejected by the class, students will leave. The instructor has no power to keep them there, to keep them from leaving. You know, like a parents keeping their kid from doing what they want or anything else the kid wants to do and is restricted from. The kid has to be obedient and follow the parents orders. Well the should.

I see this whole thing being more of student's ego firing off a rebellious attitude against authority; the parental type. A power struggle.

Master /slave relationship....hmmmmm....I think hard drives.
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