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Re: Real aikido question

Demetrio Cereijo wrote:
Reading that i understand that under your point of view Aikido is not Budo.

Can you ellaborate please?
Yes -

Aikido is Budo - it is Aiki Budo

I read somewhere Osensei stated that Aikido should
be the martial art that ends the need for traditional Budo -
or something to that effect.

Budo is generally a way to perfect the individual -
Aikido is way to perfect the world.

This is my understanding - I can be grossly wrong

Aikido begins at the end of all Budo as I see it.

So any Budo can lead to the door of Aiki - but in order to become
Aiki ,the techniques must change to the principle of Aiki -
as Osensei did them.

Will this do ?

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