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Re: Real aikido question

He can make himself whatever rank he wants in his "Real Aikido" but this isn't a rank that anyone serious in the conventional Aikido community will recognize.

His website has all sorts of photos from his Hall of Fame award ceremony. I get info from these guys periodically. If I pay $175 approx. per award, I too can be a Hall of Fame member. In other words, he pays for the award. These guys come into a city, rent space at some ball room not too far from the airport, hold a black tie awards dinner for anyone willing to pay (you should see the list of categories in which you can can get an award - if you want to spend the money).

No one of any integrity at all would participate in this kind of operation. It is strictly for self promoters, insecure about their own legitimacy.

I noticed that Russell McCartney was in one of the photos from the same awards ceremony. Look on E-Budo for info...

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