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Re: Real aikido question

I am not very familiar with real aikido, but i know for sure that it's a little bit of a mistake in translation calling it "real" aikido. In serbian (the guy who made it and named is a serb), it's called "realni" aikido, and that word means "something that is real/realistic" (Edited to add: perhaps it could be translated as "in reality aikido"?).
I'm sure there are people here who actually train in real aikido, so they can correct me if i'm wrong hereL:
Real aikido is a blend of several martial arts. A big part of the techniques are taken from aikido, and tweaked a little so they can be more applicable in a street fight. The techniques are harder, and aren't as "flowing" as in aikikai. Also, the posture is a little different and tai sabaki isn't as wide as in aikikai. The pins look more painful, definitely. All the moves are quicker and shorter than in aikikai, and the people i've seen do real aikido look stiffer than folks in my dojo (but then again, i've only ever seen 2 or 3 people practicing). Actually, i've watched one of their trainings a long time ago, but all they've done that time were evasion techniques (moving in a group of people, trying not to collide). Seems to me that mr. Vracarevic has taken out the spiritual aspect out of his version of aikido and has tried to make it as straightforward and practical as possible.

Now I'd just like to add that real aikido is different than other styles, and i'm not sure if it's "aikido" at all. Maybe it's just a new martial art that just mentions aikido in it's name and has a few techniques in common with "traditional" aikido. No matter how good/bad you think it is, i've seen it work, and my very close friend used to train it; it saved his life once when he was attacked by a guy with a gun. He was confident enough (imo he was crazy enough too), and the attacker ended on the floor with his trigger finger broken. Turned out the gun was fake, and he just wanted to steal my friend's bicycle.
Still, my friend learned some nasty tricks on his trainings that are very applicable on the street, just like that one. It is a little bit like aikido mixed with the void element in ninjutsu (some of you might know what i'm referring to here).

Excuse my poor English and any spelling mistakes as English isn't my native language.
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