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Re: Real aikido question

John Riggs wrote:
This is from their website: "Real aikido is first and only Serbian ultimate fighting and self-defense martial arts. Real Aikido is efficient, widely applicable self-defense skill, derived from traditional aikido and jujitsu. The founder of Real Aikido is Grand Master Ljubomir Vracarevic, holder of the black belt, 10th Dan, professor of Real Aikido and Ju-jitsu.
His 10th dan is from the American Martial Arts Hall of Fame or some such. Maybe he's a good godan or so. The rest is wishful thinking approved by The American Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

(I have been personally acquainted with two Japanese judans in my life. The first took 65 years of training with THE TOP experts in Japan, including being uchi deshi to Morihei Ueshiba. The second was his student and it took him from about 1950 to about 2002 to reach judan. You may draw your own conclusions.)

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