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Re: Cross training attitude question

I have changed styles twice (the first by necessity, the second by choice).

Bridget Chung wrote:
1: Would you have judged that 2nd style differently knowing what you do now?
Most of the times one feels the 'other' style is inferior because what they are practicing now fits them better, i.e. meets their specific requirements of what they think 'good' Aikido is.
So it is not really about good or bad, but more about what you wish to achieve with Aikido practice.

Bridget Chung wrote:
2: How has it affected your priorities in training?
You should be firmly aware of the reasons that put you on the tatami in the first place. These ultimately dictate your priorities in training. Do you train 'just to have fun'? Well, have fun! Do you train to become a teacher? Well, start thinking about why your teacher selects the exercises as he does? Do you agree with them? How would you go about it? Do you train to become the best? Do not do Aikido or change your competitive mind
Changing styles would give you focus, if and only if the change is by choice.

Bridget Chung wrote:
3: How do you feel you are regarded by the homegrown (never been elsewhere) students at a new club?
The first time I changed styles was by necessity and was received cautiously by the 'new' teacher and students Gradually you find your place in the dojo and become part of the dojo Meanwhile I attended seminars of my current teacher because that style fit me better Over time it became clear I had to make a decision

When I choose my current style, this meant no training opportunities anymore (no teacher nearby ) and finally decided (with backing of my current teacher) to start my own dojo.

Bridget Chung wrote:
How has it been for you so far?
Teaching is fun and fruitful

Conclusively, I think it is important to know why you want to practice Aikido and to what extend. This will help you in many ways.
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