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Peter Goldsbury
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 6

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Thanks again Peter!

I have to wonder, do you ever worry that there might be some kind of (even very subtle) repercussions for the frankness you've offered in these columns? They strike me as very brave in their honesty.
Hello Chris,

A visit from the Budo Thought Police? I doubt it. In any case, I shall be retiring in a few months time and so will have more time to write...

Ever since I have lived here, I have come to believe that aikido HAS to be seen in its cultural contexts and this includes contemporary history.

I am not saying that I'm right, by the way.


I have sent you a belated PM over at E-Budo. Apologies again for the delay.


P A Goldsbury
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