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Re: Media Coverage Local Vs Int'l &Ignorance

Neil Mick wrote: View Post
Look it up. It's been reported since at least 2001. Bush and nobody else has disputed that there has been a "warming"... the dispute is whether man is causing that warming. The next step is, "if Man is causing the warming, what percentage is he causing?". Even Bush has mentioned exactly those constraints in the argument (as did Clinton and members of the US Congress). The dispute is purely about how much Man is contributing to the warming and how much is the warming. You're so used to skewing facts that you just let your liberal watchwords make a moron out of you. Get with the program.
But, you know already, no doubt, that the last ten years have been the hottest on record, and that the planet has DEFINITELY been hotter, in the past...except that the planet was lifeless, then: just a ball of molten rock, moving around the sun.
I don't know just how ill-informed you are, Neil, but maybe you should realize that Vikings had farms in Greenland where now there is only permafrost. That's how warm the earth was. That's the time period that the "hockey-stick" people tried to leave out of their alarmist "global warming" stuff.

The earth is warming. Then again, that's what it's done after every Ice Age. In some inter-glacial periods it has been 5-6 degrees Celsius hotter than we are now. I personally hate pollution, but really it's a matter of the growing human population... all these blame-placing diatribes by emoti-morons does nothing to stop the population growth. Make a car get 100 mpg but don't stop the population growth and you still lose, Neil. Get with the program and quit being so stupidly and trendily political.

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