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Neil Mick
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Re: Media Coverage Local Vs Int'l &Ignorance

Busy, busy, busy. Sorry not to have responded sooner: but I've been spearheading a fubdraising effort for Aikido dojo's in the ME. PM me for details.

Now then...

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
OK..... but going back to 2001, even George Bush says that in his speeches. So why does the MSM continue to report that Bush even denies that there is global warming?

Secondly, and more importantly, tell us the PERCENTAGE of global warming caused by man. No one knows, right? In fact, the report you referenced is not the actual report... it is a summary of what participating countries agreed to say semantically. The actual report, which will be editted so that it agrees with the politically-driven interim report, does not come out for another 3 months. But reading the MSM, most people don't know that. The UN report is a political report. Let's wait and read the full report. Notice that some scientists have withdrawn from the panel because they disagree with the political left-wing slant of the interim report, BTW.
Again...source? Have you any documentation of scientists signing off en-masse from the report, because of its "leftwing slant? No, I'm betting you don't.

Now, up to this point, your post has been unusual in its respect for the reader, and for whom you are addressing. Of course, Mike cannot keep up a good thing, for long...

But Truth is never anything the leftists worry about, is it, Neil? As long as you can force your beliefs on others.
And off the rails we go... You know, I think it a real scream, that you blithely go on and on about the "leftwing bias" of the MSM (without a single shred of documentation to prove your point); yet when presented with a less quantifiable and measurable phenomena such as global're "positive" that man has little involvement, in it.

Funnier still, is your contention that I am trying to "force my beliefs" on others, or that I knowingly lie.

Ten-thousand bucks says you're wrong. Want to bet? The planet has been a LOT hotter than it is now.
If I had $10k: I'd lay in on the table, immediately. my dad always said, "Never bet, unless it's a sure thing."

But, you know already, no doubt, that the last ten years have been the hottest on record, and that the planet has DEFINITELY been hotter, in the past...except that the planet was lifeless, then: just a ball of molten rock, moving around the sun.

OK, so this would be a classic example of the lies that the Liberal MSM publishes.
OK, so this would be a classic example of empty facts, sans a RW basis, that Mike likes to post here, and elsewhere.

Look for the follow-up to that story, which turned out to be false, Neil.
How about you look for the follow-up story and post it here: instead of having me do your homework, for you?

It's the same reason you never admit you're wrong.

Wrong pronoun, Mike. I'm the one who admits my mistakes. To date, tho: I am hard-pressed to remember a post when you admitted an error.
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