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Re: Media Coverage Local Vs Int'l &Ignorance

Neil Mick wrote: View Post
I just think you're peeved about it because the ppl who believe global warming is likely influenced by human activity within the scientific community are in the majority, and thus have the louder voice.
No, this cuts to the heart of the thread-topic. "Global Warming caused by Bad Bad Man, particularly Americans" is a favorite theme of liberal-trained journalists. There is no "consensus" or "majority".

BTW.... have you noticed the sudden silence since the report came out that increased cosmic rays were a factor that hadn't been included in previous models and it appears to be a large one? Came out the day the interim report was released. Sudden silence.

Go look at the story the MSM didn't mention about the 60 Canadian scientists also writing a letter to the government saying it's a bunch of hooey.

The interesting point is that the "Man did it" idea has always been a "maybe", but the MSM and liberal scientists have played it as a certitude. Now the question is.... shouldn't this deliberate malfeasance be punished if it turns out they're wrong and presenting distorted science (like the last IPCC report did)?

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