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Mike Sigman
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Re: Media Coverage Local Vs Int'l &Ignorance

Shifting to another topic that the MSM covers as a given... "Global Warming". The interesting thing is that it's almost completely reported as a "consensus" that the earth is warming (it is... no one really disputes that; happens after every Ice Age) and that Man, particularly Americans Whom We Love to Hate, is to blame. The coverage almost exclusively mirrors that view. Other positions are rarely, if ever and then only briefly, mentioned. Al Gore, the man who's carbon footprint is about as large as you can get (see today's news and watch who covers what), is making his name from this impending Doom.

This doom, like all the dooms since Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" that liberals so fevently hoped for (followed by "Nuclear Winter" and many more) is another of the "We is sooo bad that we deserve to be spanked" dooms that liberals want, in a S-M sort of way..... and news media reporters publish/spew the party line. It's almost exclusively reported that Man is responsible for this doom and all scientists are in a "consensus" about this.
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