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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

Aikido mud wrestling? Where do I sign up? Almost as good as Aiki cheerleaders.

As far as the term Aiki fruity goes I know I use it on other forums like AJ and Budoseek just off the top of my head, and I'm not sure I'm the only one who does either. And yes they are often annoying. But one needs to practice tolerance in MA in my opinion or at least try to.::

Having experienced similar sentiments from some about "I am 6th Dan so that is supposed to mean I know what I am talking about", I can understand the original poster's frustration. They tend to leave me alone however as soon as I bring up the topic of resistance-based tanto randori.

I'm not saying that the person did not earn their rank and skirt, but from experience those who are quick to flash rank as their only claim to authority tend not to have the skills to back it up in a errr... more spontaneous and objective environment.

But these encounters are learning experiences. At seminars one attempts to try new things. Sometimes the experience can expand our knowledge, sometimes it can make us really appreciate the way in which we usually train.

Just a few thoughts.

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