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Do you find that people tend to pair off with the same person often
well, there is a possibility. But in my dojo,it doesn't realli happen,because my sensei wants us to find a partner with the nearest person around you(at the start, and its quite difficult because if you wanted to be with your favourite partner, you would have to walk around searching for him/her and you will surely be spotted by sensei. And my dojo has lots of members, so the odds of 'meeting' the same person again is very low.

I think switching frequently helps to teach us to learn how to adapt to whatever style/feel the attacker may have.
yar, the dojo is where we must practice these things. We need time to adapt to different attackers, if changing is frequent, everyone would seem new. By changing less often, we get used to that kind of attacker and it will seem 'nothing new'. By applying that in the streets, chances are any attacker would not be new to you.

Btw, to my knowledge, the doshu doesn't practice the frequent changing of partners too...
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