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Re: Youtube: Kakari Geiko with Empty Handed and Weapons Techniques

This demonstration was the final of the first half of the 51th Hirosaki University Aikido Demonstration.
The first half is the demonstration of the student who are now actually training in the University Dojo so the first year student demonstrated basic techniques and Suburi, the 2nd and 3rd year students demonstrated Kumi Tachi, Kumi Jo, Ken tai Jo, weapon taking techniques, Suwari waza, Hanmi Handachi waza, Jiyu waza and finaly Kakari Geki (Multiple Atackers).
The secon half was the demonstration of the sempais and the Shihan of our University Aikido Club.

Hanmi Handachi demonstration:

OB Demonstration by Kanaya Sempai: (In some cases Sempai is called OB in Japanese - Old Boys)
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