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Re: Which iaito would you choose?

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
I do not believe the previous posts were rude. I believe they may have been direct and perhaps abrupt, but not rude. I would seriously consider what they have to say as they have much more experience then you do.
Hope it all works out.
Hello Ashley
No intent on my part to be rude, but every intent to be clear, abrupt and blunt. Imagine there was an accident waiting to happen six months from now, but instead he listened and didn't buy that sword!
You just can't apologize for scewering a class mate let alone an innocent audience member who trusted you and your teacher's professionalism in choosing safe weapons can you? At a certain point we are responsible for others we might put in jeopardy due to our own decisions. I am very direct with those who ignore that trust. I don't even think swordsman should test cut in public-much less "facing" an audience. Done sidewise, or parallel, it at least decreases the risk of going out to the audience.
Don't ask me what I would do with drunk drivers who maim and kill.
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