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Re: Which iaito would you choose?

To echo Keith's points and add a few, and to speak past this guy to a hopefully more sincere searcher in the future.

1. I've seen high end custom forged swords snap for flaws that could not be seen
2. I've seen mid-level ($1,000 - $1,500) Chinese swords snap for flaws that could not be seen
3. I've seen pegs snap on custom swords and blades fly out of the handle into the crowd
4. There are too many stories of the cheap crap failing in practice, Example: innocent girl gets impaled in the leg after the sword flew out of the handle.

Where the advice of polishers and smiths go unheeded
Where the advice of senior practitioners not only get ignored but corrected!!
I say leave these people to their own devices.
It's one thing to willingly remain ignorant. Your life is in your own hands. We can only hope we don't live to see yet another one of these fools-placed on the list of fools who killed or maimed someone innocent watching them playing with poorly made tools.

One comment I have not seen is that there is a level of liability- hence criminal negligence inherent in public displays of weapons. I would be more interested in contacting this persons teacher(s) to find out what sort of teacher they are to even allow a sword like this in their presence. Imagine this guy killing a kid who was watching, then the DA scanning his computer to find out where he bought it etc., and finding this thread advising against the use of such swords!
Jail time.
One thing I have learned is that there are simply people who don't take advice if it is contrary their own motivations. It's one of the reasons we have a court system- where Judges can explain to the captured audience before sentencing- that it isn't always about...them!

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